Google Cloud Infrastructure

What happens in the other side of the screen every time we use Google?

The challenge was to visually showcase the way Google’s global infrastructure works together, with advanced software management systems and specialized products the company offers.

We worked together with Google engineers to create a set of stories and a visual system to explain in a simple way how the technology works at a high level, keeping always an eye on the visuals to create a beautiful, accurate and informative piece.

As an extra task, I got the chance to create all music score and sound design used in both the website and the videocase.

Client: Google Cloud

Year: 2017

Role: Design, Illustration, Animation

Collaborators: Lionel Taurus (Art Direction), Megan Potter (Project Management), Lasse Moss (Development), Arne Van Kouter (Development)

Awards: Creative Circle (Design & Digital Design - Digital / Use of Technology, Silver), Awwwards Site of the Month, Awwwards Site of the Day, The FWA Site of the Day

01    ––––––––    Visual design


02    ––––––––    Iconography

User interface

Scale levels


Data states

Container states

Network cables

Color palette


03    ––––––––    Case video

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