Dirty Floor

Short animated film as an animation/storytelling exercise. I tried to use every scene to learn something new.

Based on a small story parents tell kids in México, so they don't pick up dirty food from the floor.

Awesome sound design and music by my talented friend Mathias Bjørnskov.

Year: 2017

Role: Illustration, Animation

Collaborators: Mathias Bjørnskov (Music & Sound Design)

01    ––––––––    Sketches


I chose to make a simple main character with a side-scrolling view to practice walk cycles, I tried to take advantage of that camera positioning to play with layers and create a couple of fun transitions.

A simple color palette help me to create different compositions and practice a bit of film-like framing. Color codes also helped to maintain focus points and explain the transformation the main character experiences.


02    ––––––––    Video

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